Fostering a dog isn't a commitment for life, it's a commitment to save a life.

Fostering a dog isn’t a commitment for life, it’s a commitment to save a life.

Thanks to the generosity from the community and the commitment of the Humane Society of Blue Ridge (HSBR) family of volunteers, we are growing and improving every day. We welcome you to come to The Haven, 171 Mineral Springs Rd., Blue Ridge, Ga. and visit our new Feline (cat) adoption center. Your hearts will be lifted and you may even chuckle to see how quickly cats adapt to a bright and happy environment. We are so proud.

The theme for our foster program is,” Got Love? Pass it on. FOSTER! Give a little of your heart to help an animal find its heart.”

Before I address some of the comments and questions I have heard about fostering, let me give you a little background on me. My name is Randy Borden. I am the mother of 5 children, 3 dogs, soon to be 10 grandchildren. My husband and I have retired and are living the Blue Ridge dream. Please pinch me. It feels too good to be true.

Before retiring and after buying our home through Suzie Soave ( beware of Suzie Soave, her charm and wit will have you saying, “sure Suzie, whatever you need” before you realize you have even uttered the words), she asked us if we would consider fostering dogs. Of course, we said, “Sure Suzie, whatever you need.”

Not too long after we moved permanently and began fostering, Suzie, now with her partner in crime, Karen Kelly, HSBR’s fabulous Animal Operations Manaager, decided that HSBR needed a foster coordinator and that I might be the person to fill that position. We’ll see if that is true.

I can only be the right person if I can successfully reach out to and nurture those wonderful foster parents in our foster club and recruit new wonderful foster families. I call it a foster club because there are so few of us. We have a club now but need a foster army.

Please let me address some questions and comments I have heard about fostering.
1. How long would I need to foster? HSBR’s number one goal is to get animals adopted. You choose how long you wish to foster.
2. I don’t have a fenced yard. We will give you a leash. The exercise is good for the dog and you.
3. I already have a dog. Most of us do. Think of it as a play date for a few days.
4. What if the dog I foster is not a good fit for our family? Bring it back.
5. What is the cost involved? HSBR will take care of all costs while you are fostering.
6. What if I fall in love with the dog? You might but remember the theme, “give a little of your heart so an animal can find its heart?
7. How do I introduce a new pet into our family with pets? Call me. I hope you will consider me a foster resource.

I know this only addresses a few of the questions you might have. Should you have questions or concerns please call me at 404-372-4526.

Alair Photography for the Humane Society of Blue Ridge Foster Today

Foster Today; You’ll be glad you did!

Being a foster parent should be fun and rewarding for you and a new four legged friend. Although fostering comes with guidelines, there is no specific foster parent profile. We are all different. Some of us live on farms, some in the country and some on water. The only fast rule that I know of in fostering is, Don’t Lose The Animal.

Fostering an animal provides an invaluable service to the Humane Society. You have an opportunity to get to know the animal, provide information about habits, personality and temperament. You give an animal a sense of belonging. These animals may bark or cry but they have no voice to tell us where they have been or what has happened to them.

Now, let me finish by issuing a challenge to all my fellow retirees. Most of us are here because we have chosen the place we want to be. We have come for the beauty, the community and the adventure. We have come to enjoy the outdoors and all that this beautiful place has to offer. If you think you are too busy, you travel too much or it is too much work, I challenge you to try it once but hope you will want to become a part of our foster army.

PS: Our latest foster, Domino, is no longer available for fostering or adopting. We gave a little of our hearts, we fell in love and now he is going to belong to us.

Click Here to Let Us know you are interested in fostering, or call Randy at 404-372-4526.
Humane Society Paws of Love

We are posting about a wonderful orange tabby cat for a friend of HSBR. He is being fostered by her right now and needs to find him a home. Click the picture to see the info about him

Humane Society Paws of Love

Humane Society of Blue Ridge Mission Statement

To promote respect for all living things. To provide for the welfare of abandoned, injured or mistreated animals, and to fine them loving, permanent homes. We will work to increase the awareness of animal issues through public education, striving to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals and promote and offer affordable spay and neutering

The Humane Society of Blue Ridge, Georgia works diligently to increase the awareness of animal issues through public education, striving to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, and to promote and offer affordable spay and neutering and rabies inoculation.The Humane Society of Blue Ridge is a non-profit group comprised of volunteers whose mission is to promote respect for all living things, to provide for the welfare of abandoned, injured, or mistreated animals and to find them loving, permanent homes.

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The Humane Society of Blue Ridge is a proud partner with Bissell and their Partners for Pets program, that helps to raise money for shelters. Click Here to find out more about Bissell’s great products that help pet owners and how your purchases can help HSBR!